I was going to move to another house when I recorded these songs in my own living room. I had written most of them in there, in a beautiful small flat which hosted me for the last four years. The songs are exactly these four years, and a little bit more, since along with the songs I released a small book I had written previously with the title "How Stelios and his friends made it through the winter". A story which managed to have an optimistic ending!

Of course time doesn't stop where the book ends, and as it happens in real life, there is always a chance that things might go wrong. This coming winter I hope everything turns up as my book is depicting and not as all these white pages I never dared to write.

"Xeni Gi" ("Foreign Land") is a cd that I wrote the way I wanted to. I fell in love with all the songs. From the "20 zoes" ("20 lives") which is the first that had a serious airplay, until the last "Empty Moons", the only song with English lyrics, sung by Kostas Antoniadis (GAD.). I thank him, as well as Ioanna Morfi ("Tha ginoume ena"), Sami Gavriilides, Aggelos Sfakianakis and of course Christos Houssidis who helped me with the recording.

I now start real life. My songs and mine along with them. In my live performances solo, or with my friends who helped me make it through the winter.